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London Hair & Beauty Recruitment connects the best in the business employees to employers. If you are looking to hire or get hired in London and its surroundings, we’re the agency for you. Contact us today to give your career a headstart in the hair and beauty industry. or to find the employees best suited for your salon, beauty/make up concession or event. Explore our unique services now, whether its cover for a day or long busy periods, we've got you sorted.


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Anyone who’s been looking for a job or searching for a new team member to join their company knows that the job market can be unbelievably overwhelming. That is where London Hair & Beauty Recruitment comes in. Having mastered the art of staffing the right person with the right place. we help our clients and candidates achieve their goals.

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Here at London Hair & Beauty Recruitment we focus on sourcing best-in-class candidates for rewarding positions in the London area,  with a rigorous process we specialize in hand selecting the best candidates to fill your specific position. with qualification to match their skills and exemplary abilities to perform their duties to a high standard.

Human Resources

Expert Strategies

We’re a leader in filling Human Resources job opportunities in the London area for beauty and hair recruitment. We work closely with your skills, ability, Qualifications and personality to match you with the right job. throughout the year we have further enrichment work shops on maintaining a high standard, customer service, product knowledge, image and hygiene. If you would like the opportunity to work for some of London's top salons and brands, please get in touch.

Staff recognition

Comprehensive rewards

We understand the importance of rewarding hard work with our "Bronze" "sliver" and "Gold" employment packages. which translate as the better feedback from businesses, and strong high standard work ethic all round, have the best advantages for working with London Hair And Beauty.


Staffing your business just got easier!


Turning away clients, closing up businesses, having empty beauty concessions is now a thing of the past.
we can take the pressure off when it comes to running your business on full cylinders. whether its sort term sickness cover, maternity cover or for the busier seasons in the industry, a quick booking of one of our trained and qualified staff members is all it takes to ensure no loss of earnings and happy customer and clients all round. all we need is the time, date and location of your business along with some details of what kind of person you are looking for.

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If You have the right qualifications, ability, skills and correct social/professional  etiquette for the hair and beauty industry, we can reward you with your dream job!
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